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Stories Behind the Grind brings to the forefront the faces behind small businesses. Showcasing their dedication, persistence and passion to inspire and motivate others on their Business Journey.

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Aidan Vuocolo
My entire life has been spent in an environment of small business ownership. 

I remember starting a number of businesses that ultimately failed, including a turf farm that was eaten by a few stray cows and a silkworm business where I spent too long waiting for the mulberry bush to grow. I was never dissuaded from pursuing being an entrepreneur, even before it was in vogue.

I have spent the last 15 years working in various small businesses, from Medical centres to an industrial foodcourt. From retail shops to cafes. Engineering firms to professional services. I have learnt that at the core of every business is people, and there is to be harmony between culture and commerciality for a business to prosper .

Two years ago I started Stories Behind the Grind sharing the stories of the underdogs, the small businesses that are fighting everyday to survive and prosper
Liz Campbell 
Being featured on SBTG was a highlight for my business for a few reasons… I got to answer some really thought-provoking questions from Aidan, which allowed me to see how far I’ve come (even with all the “mistakes”!), have exposure to help a new community of people and generally be in touch with other amazing business owners.

 After being featured, I saw more followers, new engagement on the SBTG posts for me to be involved in (and on my own posts too), and also being able to spread the word about content and why the words you use are so important. If you are a business owner and get the change to be involved, do it. It’s free publicity for your business and allows you to talk with new people. And you never know where that will take you! 
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